Vendor Spotlight: weareone:collective

WEAREONE Collective Drop Earrings Not Bombs

Vendor Spotlight: wearareone:collective

weareone: collective is a network of change makers who collaborate, innovate and share skills and resources to enable social change. Aimed at addressing social injustice, the collective focuses on bringing together individuals, groups and organisations from humanitarian, business and creative sectors, to collaborate on developing innovative programs which facilitate skill sharing opportunities.

Founded by Saleh Rifaie and Pru Waldorf in 2016 following a year of intensive volunteering on the ground in Greece working with refugee communities, the ethos behind the group is to give agency, not aid. It was conceived to address the lack of enrichment activities and self-development orientated projects provided for people who are refugees.

weareone:collective facilitates participatory enrichment projects with marginalised communities which have a real and a lasting impact and allows them the opportunity for agency and self-development , rather than keeping them dependant on handouts.

WEAREONE Collective Drop Earrings Not Bombs

The Drop Earrings Not Bombs project is one such project. The aim of this project is to create a space for colour therapy, community building, and artistic expression. Each pair of these handmade DROP earrings is a unique display of creativity and design, a story told through the eyes of a person who has been through more than anyone in life should experience. All those taking part are refugees for various reasons including war and political turmoil.

100% of the proceeds from the Drop Earrings Not Bombs project goes back into Small Projects Istanbul, a community space and program which provides the refugee community with access to supplemental education and programs that assist students and families from Syria succeed in Turkey and beyond, paving the way for better futures.

Handmade Drop Earrings Rainbow

Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Cavangh

Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Cavangh

The cost of inpatient care is staggering and the strain on the NHS means that many people do not get the help they desperately need. Patients leave treatment early, not because they are ready but rather, because facilities and services run out of funding. Sweet Cavanagh hopes to combat this issue by filling the gap in the services currently provided by the private and public sector.

Based in Notting Hill, Sweet Cavanagh jewellery is handmade in London by women recovering from eating disorders and addictions. Designing and creating each unique piece provides a therapeutic outlet for the women that is enhanced by more formal therapy groups, all of which is free of charge for those in need.

As part of their four-month program, women are able to have access to individual and group therapy, drama and movement therapy, and individual and group nutritional counseling with a registered dietician. They also run a “Work to Recover”, in which they partner with London based recruitment agency, Sidekicks, to offer monthly workshops on CV writing and interview coaching. Graduates from the recovery program also have the opportunity to be placed in internships with the aim to eventually getting full or part-time work placements.

Many of the jewellery pieces are one-offs, so they are perfect as a one-of-a-kind gift. To see the full collection, click here.