Vendor Spotlight: ARTHOUSE Meath

Vendor Spotlight: ARTHOUSE Meath

ARTHOUSE Meath presents the skills and talents of men and women living with complex epilepsy, learning, and physical difficulties. Based in Godalming, ARTHOUSE Meath’s impact is felt across Sussex, as the group has connections with both Chichester and Brighton. Over 70 artists work alongside instructors who enable groups or individuals to create artworks which are developed into designer products for sale. All work derives from the skills each artist brings to the enterprise and every contribution holds a true value.

When making a new design, each character is individually hand drawn by an artist in their own unique style based on photographs or images.  Each one of the drawings is then scaled up or down and arranged in an intricate composition to create a huge masterpiece. The artists then collaborate to finish the composition by filling in details, eventually joining the individual drawings together.

With high-quality artwork and products, ARTHOUSE Meath aims to create a platform of positive change in attitude towards people who are often marginalised. Ultimately striving to challenge perceptions and to create better acceptance and inclusion for all people living with disabilities. 100% of sales revenue goes towards sustaining the enterprise, helping it to grow and evolve.

“The work of our residents offers an insight to viewing the world differently. It has humour, warmth and honesty which serves as an inspiration for us all.”

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