Vendor Spotlight: The Social Mercenary

The Social Mercenary

Vendor Spotlight: The Social Mercenary

Founded by Jack Fellows, The Social Mercenary is dedicated to bringing a distinctly West African flavour to modern street apparel. They take an ethical approach to textile manufacturing and have teamed up with social enterprises in Ghana to create a unique range of clothing, bags and accessories. All of their products are manufactured using local fabrics and our business supports local communities to create an incredible set of unique on-trend products.

It all started in Hong Kong when Jack, working in a job he didn’t enjoy living in a room effectively the size of a coffin he began to think of those precious times back in Ghana and back to those beautiful fabrics that so inspired him and, the amount of attention and praise he got for his new, quirky backpack.

It took time but day after day Jack shared this message with others and at one particular fair, was dragging people in through the door in order to tell people about his mission. “On the days that I didn’t have meetings I took a suitcase full of bags and flyers down to the local universities and just set up and told my story to EVERY single person that walked past”. After time Jack began to sell more and more bags and was even picked up by news journalist Alessandro Meccheri that studied at Hong Kong University.

Jack then managed to make enough money to go back to Ghana, where he met Ethical Apparel Africa. He found with the first set of backpacks that they were all so different and that quality wasn’t consistent throughout. After several meetings with EAA they have redesigned the backpacks for superior quality.