Vendor Spotlight: Thraedable


Vendor Spotlight: Thraedable

Thraedable is a social enterprise that tells the stories of people on the margins of society and raises funds for grassroots organisations that defend their human rights. They do this with sustainable clothes inspired by people’s art and they share 50% of gross profits with their partner NGOs.

Each piece of clothing or accessory is inspired by and promotes the story of the creator. These could include memories of their home, raising awareness of a cause or just small moments of life. For example, ‘BELLA’ (Pictured Below) was inspired by a drawing made by a minor from Senegal during Thraedable’s workshops with unaccompanied migrant minors in Syracuse, Sicily. Asked to share a word that means something to him, he picked a word he had recently learnt in his Italian lessons: Bella, meaning beautiful. 


Thraedable also provide numerous workshops across the world and their partner NGO’s work on international projects. These projects support a variety of causes, including relief for refugee migrants and raising awareness of children affected by Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), a rare genetic condition of hypersensitivity to UV light.

Thraedable Workshop