Grab 20% off street art at The Big Issue Shop this Black Friday weekend

Black Friday up to 20 off

The busiest shopping weekend of the year has arrived in all its excess, Black Friday! But we’re asking why not support causes right here in the UK and around the world with your hard earned cash instead of opting for a sub-par supermarket 40” telly.

Today is your chance to brighten up the long winter days and spruce up your walls with up to 20% off Big Issue Street Art and cover prints.

Each week in The Big Issue our Street Art page gives talented, marginalised individuals an outlet for creative expression and now you can pick up prints of your own. This ‘Three for the Price of One’ print from Michael Crosswaite is sure to put a smile on your face.

Black Friday Sale The Big Issue Shop

After years spent travelling and squatting, Michael ended up homeless in London with a drug habit. “I got into a hostel and eventually got myself clean,” he says. “Now I’ve got a Peabody Flat and things are cool. With my painting my thing is humour. The more ridiculous the better. I loved Monty Python and the whole silliness thing. I think the world is a very silly place and hopefully this comes though in my pictures”

And if that wasn’t enough, you can splash your walls with prints of your favourite Big Issue covers, including graphic designer Butcher Billy’s iconic Tucker VS Partridge cover, designed exclusively for comedy behemoth Armando Iannucci’s Big Issue guest edit in which two great British treasures, Alan Partridge and Malcolm Tucker square off a glorious Brexit debate.

Black Friday Sale The Big Issue Shop

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