Street Art: James Sneddon

Street Art: Giving Marginalised Individuals an Outlet for Creative Expression

Every week in The Big Issue, our Street Art page gives talented, marginalised individuals an outlet for creative expression, as well as a platform to sell their prints through The Big Issue Shop.

Canterbury Big Issue vendor James Sneddon has been sleeping rough since 2011. “Art has given me something positive and productive to put my energy into,” he says. “The picture of the Afghan hounds was for a lady called Cecilia who moved back to Norway and unfortunately never got to see the picture of her dogs. The picture of three paratroopers standing on the beach at Dunkirk waiting for the boats was my interpretation of a photo on the front of the Times newspaper. I was not sure if people would like it but it has been well received. I would like to thank The Big Issue for letting me be a vendor as trying to survive on art alone was very precarious. My life has been and still is difficult but I hope things will improve.”

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