Limited Edition T-Shirts With Pure Evil


#WearABigIssue Limited Edition Pure Evil T-Shirts 

Blending street art and social change, the #WeAreABigIssue and Pure Evil collaboration is limited edition and consists of two specially-designed t-shirts. Available in white or grey with yellow and white or grey with purple, Pure Evil – real name Charles Uzzell Edwards – donated his time and creativity to help create the latest in ultra-ethical fashion.

Edwards was born in Wales but his inspirations span the globe, having previously established himself in the Californian sun of San Francisco. Most familiar with urban art tools like spray paint, neon, steel, stencils and screen printing, Pure Evil settled in London where he set up a gallery – exhibiting the work of more than 60 artists so far.

The artist previously told The Telegraph: “If I’d really thought about how to run an art gallery, it would probably have put me off. If you go into it thinking, ‘Oh, I’m in this space, I’d better paint the walls and pay the electricity bill,’ then you’ve pretty much got a gallery going. You can worry about the logistics later on.”


The Big Issue’s own clothing brand has worked closely with EarthPositive®, a manufacturer whose t-shirts are produced using only sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power. Their mission is to promote awareness of and take action on climate change in what is one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. The artwork is printed on 100% organic, ethically traded cotton.

Launched in 1991, The Big Issue works to create the opportunity for homeless and disadvantaged people to earn an income through magazine street sales. In the 27 years since, more than 200 million copies have been sold by 100,000 people. The magazine is bought upfront by vendors for £1.25 each and sell them on for £2.50 – creating their own micro-enterprise.

Those who share Pure Evil’s ethos, “principles before profit”, can find limited edition collaboration online in The Big Issue Shop – guilt-free spending in the knowledge that proceeds will go to help marginalised people all over the country.


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