The Lord Bird Art Collection

The Lord Bird Art Collection

The Big Issue marked its ’25+1 birthday’ with a special edition of the magazine – and an exclusive exhibition was held at The Framers Gallery, London, showing artwork by its founder, Lord John Bird. The founder’s artwork addresses themes of the human form and nature, with an ever-present undertone of the benefit of doing social good through social trading.

“It felt natural to mark our just over a quarter of a century celebrations with a special issue that nods towards the good that creativity can do in our world today.” explains Lord Bird. “Art in particular has meant so much to me over the years. It was a saviour in my troubled youth. I would go to drawing classes rather than hanging around with the lads I grew up with who were knee-deep in wrongdoing.”

These limited edition prints are now available here on The Big Issue Shop, with only ten of each size being produced and sold. Check out the full collection by clicking the link below:


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