Vendor Spotlight: Pebble Toys

Pebble Toys The Big Issue

Vendor Spotlight: Pebble Toys

Pebble Toys is a fair-trade, organic, non-profit charitable organisation which produces a range of high quality, handmade cotton toys for children. Started by Samantha Morshed, Pebble toys aim to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women. Women often have to have to leave families and dependants behind to look for work in the city. Pebble Toys is continually aiming to bring work to the people of Bangladesh wherever they live, meaning prevention of massive migration to cities and persevering a rural country way of life for many.

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As a part of this goal, the organisation focuses on supporting the family unit, particularly keeping mother and child together by providing employment nearby and crèche services funded by generous donations. All this helps to start to support Bangladeshi women so that in turn they can work and earn money to support their families.

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