Vendor Spotlight: Quazi Design

Quazi Design Studio

Vendor Spotlight: Quazi Design

Starting with the concept of a rolled paper bead earring displayed on a card and believing in the potential to have a positive impact, Quazi Design now creates sustainable change and social impact by transforming waste magazines into original accessories. Based in Swaziland, all products are handmade by local women, empowering them through skill sharing and a living wage.

Quazi Design

The workshop is situated in Sidwashini, in the industrial area of Mbabane and the capital city of Swaziland. Previously unemployed, most of the artisans had on average seven dependents each, now they are employed full time with permanent contracts, giving them a new sense of job security.

They also believe in craftsmanship and ethical production and want to change the perception of recycled materials. They are a founding member of SWIFT Swaziland fair trade.