Vendor Spotlight: GLOW


Vendor Spotlight: GLOW

Founded by Comet Chukura, who graduated from The London College of Fashion, GLOW enables you to stand with those who are vulnerable, as you stand out at night. Each piece is individually handmade by disadvantaged women, providing them with an opportunity to gain work skills, a supplementary income and be part of a greater community. GLOW aims to empower their makers, paying them a fair wage, utilising their established skill set and enabling them to believe and realise their value.

Glow Agape White Hat

The light reflective accessories range are expertly crocheted using a cutting-edge wool blend that has a 15% glass fibre component woven into it which is light reflective. Meaning in the daytime, the pieces look trendy whilst at night, the glass fibre elements reflect light: car light, road lights etc and come to life, illuminating the wearer as light bounces off of it. The delicate knit texture makes it soft to the skin and luxurious to wear making it a unique gift that looks good and feels good.

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