Street Art: David Tovey

David Tovey Aunt Jean

Street Art: Giving Marginalised Individuals an Outlet for Creative Expression

Every week in The Big Issue, our Street Art page gives talented, marginalised individuals an outlet for creative expression, as well as a platform to sell their prints through The Big Issue Shop.

David Tovey is an ex-homeless artist and founder of the ONE Festival of Homeless Arts. “Being a social artist means I like to raise awareness of issues that are close to my heart,” he says, “this is a portrait I’ve just finished of my beautiful aunt (pictured above) who is living with dementia. Dementia is cruel and not only does it take the life of the person living with it, but also all of those around them. This picture is for the strength of my cousins.”

“Back in December one of my closest friends died in such an awful way,” he says of this oil painting on paper. “He stopped eating and solely survived on alcohol, he stopped taking his medication and his body slowly and painfully shut down on him. This great man helped me when I was at my lowest point and it pains me that I couldn’t help him. So I decided to immortalise him in a piece of art (pictured below).”

David Tovey

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