Vendor Spotlight: Give Me Tap

Vendor Spotlight: Give Me Tap

GiveMeTap was founded by Edwin (a.k.a The Water Guy) after he experienced difficulties accessing tap water while out and about. As a result, he started GiveMeTap and created a reusable stainless steel bottle that he believes can change the world. Each GiveMeTap bottle purchased enables you to get free tap water from a network of cafes in the UK; reduces plastic bottle waste and funds 5 years of clean water for someone in Africa.

Give Me Tap

Plastic waste is a major issue. Only 20% of plastic bottles get recycled and over 50 billion plastic bottles go to waste every year. Yet, Britain has some of the cleanest water in the world. To help people gain easy access to this precious resource, GiveMeTap created the ‘Water Network’.  With the free GiveMeTap app, customers can find the different Tap locations near where they live. There are currently 800 cafes, bars and restaurants in The Water Network and they will refill the GiveMeTap water bottle for free.

Within 14 weeks of using a GiveMeTap bottle, the amount of carbon needed to produce one is equal to the carbon used to make 14 weeks worth of plastic cups. Meaning that after just 98 days, the bottle becomes more sustainable with every use.

Not only that but GiveMeTap also provides 5 years worth of drinking water for someone in Africa. How this is works is that for every bottle sold, GiveMeTap donates directly to their NGO partners in Africa to install pumps in rural communities. So far GiveMeTap has raised £114k to fund water pumps with an estimated 23,363 people with clean water for life!

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