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Vendor Spotlight: House of Gharats

The newest addition brings a passion for Indian arts to their stylish pocket squares and scarves

The newest addition to The Big Shop is putting the power to tackle poverty in your pocket. Fashionable family-run House of Gharats investigates and re-interprets the role of Indian art, craft and culture and gives it a twist in the context of contemporary British and global design.

Each of its scarves and pocket squares are designed in London using co-founder Neishaa Gharat’s passion for Indian culture as a template.

The beautifully intricate designs are then brought to life in the finest silk twill in Italy alongside custom illustrative art.

The rare opportunity to indulge in wearing and gifting a piece of art truly sets House of Gharats Limited Edition Silk Scarf Collection apart. As Neishaa Gharat explains: “House of Gharats was born out of the love of living an artful life with purpose. House of Gharats is a design house, fusing cultures and blurring the lines between art and fashion, producing a delightful approach to everyday dressing and living.

“We are driven by the values of art and craft in contemporary design and as a result, our designs are timeless objects that can be passed down through the generations.”

But the best bit about House of Gharats’ distinctively stylish, yet inherently classic designs is how it educates and empowers girls and women through supporting the Food for Life Vrindavan program.

With 21 per cent of its profits from supporting the initiative, the goal is to create a sustainable future, free from poverty.

Available now in The Big Issue Shop, House of Gharats’ scarves are the perfect size to act as neckerchiefs and pocket squares, making for an ideal gift for men and women, even offering the chance to team up for a unique ‘his and hers’ gift set.

View House of Gharats’ collection in our Shop here.

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