Vendor Spotlight: Jerry

Jerry Bottle

Vendor Spotlight: Jerry

Jerry cares about decreasing plastic bottle pollution, getting clean water to everyone and furthermore, keeping you in good health. A million single-use plastic water bottles are bought around the world every minute and Jerry believes we need to change this environmental crisis together. All profits from the sale of Jerry’s beautiful reusable water bottles go to making clean water projects across India and Tanzania, with their sister company – The Waterfall Charity.

As well as this, by looking at the bottom of the reusable steel jerry water bottle, there will be the coordinates of the water project that purchase has funded so you can trace exactly which village your bottle is funding.

Jerry is working on setting up free-refill spots by working with shops and restaurants to let people fill their jerry bottles. They also work with corporate companies, schools and universities to educate and encourage people about sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bottles.



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